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I'm an English university student, studying Comparative Literature. That entails reading a lot of short stories, writing a lot of essays and learning how to incorporate sex, death and Freud into almost every kind of conversation (although that might just be a side effect). I love reading, I love writing and I do both on an hourly basis.

I have an unhealthy addiction to cooking blogs, especially considering my kitchen currently consists of a microwave, kettle and toaster that I share with seven other people (oh the joys of college life), and I continually daydream about being able to experiment with the recipes I spend so long reading about.

I hoard books, I'm average at being organised, I hate mornings, I love music of all kinds and if you're my friend there is little I won't do for you.

This journal is primarily for me to get a fresh start. I'm a very different person now to the one I was several years ago when I first discovered livejournal, and while I'm not discontinuing my old LJ, I want somewhere to just be *me* without the baggage of several hundred old entries looming in the background.
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