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The first entry is always the hardest, I think, because I never know how to begin anything. Plus, it's unlikely that anyone will read this, so I could just go :D and leave it at that for now. But, on the offchance that anyone will scroll back and look at this, I'll put some basic stuff in here. 

*thinks* I'm a writer, and I'll play in any fandom so long as it catches my interest. One tv episode can be enough to get me shipping a pairing; case in point, Criminal Minds last night. I caught the last half-hour, and now Morgan/Reid is firmly established in my head. I can't draw (epically so), and I view fanvids as being the most complicated thing ever after mathematics (which I also suck at), so you won't see anything of that sort from me. I'm quite willing to be given prompts and requests, but my relationship with deadlines is a little hit-and-miss. I will try, but sometimes I'll fail to get things done in time. 

Outside of fandom, I'm not that complicated a person. I like being inside when it's raining, outside when there's a thunderstorm, and I'd rather be too cold than too hot. I love books, as well as words in general, and I think I'm going to grow up to be the skinny female version of Stephen Fry. My handwriting is becoming alarmingly like my father's, I talk far too fast on an everyday basis, and my music tastes are so wide-ranging that I need to find a better word than 'eclectic' to describe my iTunes playlist. 

I think I'll leave it at that for now. 
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